Tango: my life as a not so good leader -the sequel-

A long tango day


… and which felt longer because of a light case of stiff neck; I must have slept in a bad position. The pain was (and still is) located somewhere between the neck and the left shoulder. As a result I couldn’t move my head, and many moves inolving the left arm were painful too.

But well the summer tango festival was on and I had signed for three classes so I just went, stiff neck or not. The first class was ok, at some point the female teacher came to me and asked “You’re here as an assistant, aren’t you?”. I wasn’t but I felt flattered, until I remembered that the class was not an advanced one and it may have surprised her to see me here despite all my years of learning.

The second class was about ganchos, with all the work done by the follower while I was just supposed to stand still, which suited me perfectly.

The third class of the afternoon though, seemed longer to me than the 90 minutes it actually lasted. Milonga class, with quick changes of direction that reminded me every other second of my stiff neck. My partner, unlike me, was still full of stamina (I had attended the first two classes with another partner) and took me to our regular teacher’s practise. It was actually a kind of trap; I should have understood when I saw her leaving the practise before time but I did not; I should have understood when the teacher asked me to try and dance with his partner but I did’nt either. I should have understood when I heared other pupils talking about a demo at the dance studio this night, but I didn’t.

We performed around midnight, after the belly dance and swing demos. I tried to remain hidden behind the other couples as much as I could. Hmmm, I bet that the onlookers will sign up for belly dancing or swing rather than tango, next year.