Not Bs-As this time

2007, July 4

It was really decided at the last minute. Up to know only the decision has been made basically, I still have to book the plane, the hotel and pay for the classes.

Many countries and places  claim to be the second home of tango after BsAs, and Sitges is often mentioned when it’s about tango festivals, so why not giving it a try?
From what I saw when browsing the reports on previous editions, the festival audience is young, skillful and ready to dance until the end of the night. Also, Sitges is a very expensive place. As an unskilled, stamina-impoverished (I can’t even dance until the beginning of the night) and not-too-rich guy I’ll probably end up as the wrong man in the wrong place. Oh and I can’t speak the language.  I thought it would be like in Argentina but no, they have their own Catalan dialect.

Another concern is the lack of a dedicated partner, an unusual situation for me. No taxi-dancer provided by the festival either. And experience shows that during classes the occasional lone follower tends to rush to the tall, thin, cool youngster with blue sneakers who is standing just behind me.

But well, Sitges lasts only four days. I’ll live.


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