Random invites

2007, July 10

My dances at saturday’s milonga went as follow:
I invited two girls whom I know from taking classes.
I got invited by two ladies who know me from taking classes.
Two ladies unknown to me but knowing my name invited me.
One lady unknown to me and not knowing me either invited me after (despite?) seeing me dancing. Just after that she danced with a teacher, so I suppose that she was looking for contrast and warmed up with me in order to appreciate even more her tanda with the professional.

There cannot be much suprises here. Very predictably the dances with the two girls were carbon copies from the other dances we had before (They know the limited range of patterns that I master, and they know when I do them and in which order). Idem for the dances with the two ladies (I know that they can’t follow what I’d like to lead so I do nothing; Gainesville profile). And the unknown lady had the bad dance she was seeking for.

Not wanting to let predictability prevail I made two random invites. What is great in tango, one of my first teachers said, is when two complete strangers, from different schools and a different style, meet in a milonga, dance, and it clicks. Twice I rolled the dice for a blind tanda, hoping for a possible click. What I had forgotten was that this Saturday milonga was a promotional, free event. And the probabilities that the dice brings me a tango goddess from another town/country were nil. What I got was two passers-by who were walking in the street and entered the place because they heared music and smelled some food.


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