Socializing in Sitges

2007, July 24

In a tango festival, socializing during classes is a way to ensure yourself more dances during the upcoming evening milonga, I was told. And actually for one of my partners, who happened to be there too, it worked quite well, day after day she broadened her list of potential leaders, and while she had to dance with me twice the first evening, she used me only once the second night, and never again afterwards, having all the leaders she needed and even picking them according to the music.

Somehow I tried my luck too, the cambio de pareja having brought a russian girl in my arms.

“- And where did you learn the dance?

– ? (Her english was nearly as bad as my russian).

– You…where…learn…tango?

– Moscow. Errr….

– Yes? (With an encouraging smile)

– Err… You lead, not good. You nuevo. Moscow no nuevo. I want impulsion. You, no impulsion.

And that’s how I narrowed by one unit the range of my potential followers for the remaining milongas in Sitges.


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