Sitges snapshots

2007, August 3

“Are you regular dance partners?” Pablo Pugliese
My partner: “<sighs> yes… <sighs again>”
(Pablo Pugliese here promptly took my partner from my arms and danced the sequence with her for a few minutes, to comfort her.)

“Your lead is very good!” Alejandra Hobert
Lies. I felt how she was struggling to keep her balance while I was leading the boleos.

“Your musicality in vals is wonderful.” Elba
The polite way to say that my technique sucks.

“It’s an advanced class, you know!” Nito
My excuse is, if I had known that we would do 360° enrosques as a warm-up I would have chosen better shoes than my Sanshas.

“We’ll change of course”. My partner at he beginning of the class.
She had seen a lone leader and, even without knowing him, figured that he would in any case be better than me. She never changed back, of course.


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