2007, September 24

This is my i-pod, except it’s not an i-pod but a Creative Zen touch. All the tangos that I like ended up here, and as there remained Gigabytes of disk I’ve also copied one part of my pop-music, classic and ballroom CDs.

And here I was, last Friday, climbing up to 4th floor where the A.T class was due. From the moment I had left my flat I was listening to a Piazzolla selection, trying to emulate Chicho (It’s common knowledge that in his younger days he used to walk in the streets for hours, with a Piazzolla-filled walkman tm ). The mp3 machine was playing Invierno porteno in a live version, and for some reason I failed to decide whether it was the Milan or the Vienna concert. Shame on me. I realized I would have to look at the screen. My right hand began to extirpate the i-pod from its carrying case…

And like a soap in the tub the i-pod escaped from its protective shell and fell on the floor, leaving me with an empty case in the hand. Worse, the wooden stairs of this old building being slightly sloping, the i-pod kept going down, bouncing from one step to another. Then of course it fell right into the inner void in the inside of the stairs, bouncing not from step to step any more but from one floor to another.

I dropped the heavy bag (with my shoes, shirts, book, towels, all the stuff I need for tango) I had in my left hand and climbed down, not even in a hurry or worried, sure as I was to find only fragments of what used to be my i-pod. My thoughts were more on the lines of how much does it cost nowadays, maybe they sell smaller ones with more memory, how long will it take to once again listen to all my CDs and pick the pieces…

Well at ground zero I found the little fellow unharmed, still playing the Piazzolla song. It was the Milan version.


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