Gender imbalance, a theory

2007, October 16

 The theory goes: “when women outnumber men in a class, it’s because they hope to dance with the teacher.”

So I tried yet  another class yesterday, given by an argentine emigrate. He teaches without a partner, picking  a random follower to demonstrate the patterns. Not always the same follower. One point for him by the way. I bet it’s flattering but still unpleasant as a leader to see your partner kidnapped by the teacher. Also when the pupils exercize he partners the lone follower, if any.

 Well there were no less than three more ladies in this class. And when the  “change partners!” was yelled I could see the women swiftly getting away from their current leader and moving one step backwards, to the wall, pretending they’re some invisible ninja, manoeuvring to avoid the leaders, trying to remain alone.  And once the couples were set, the three followers would move one step forward in the direction of the teacher.

Ok I did not attend this class only to check my theory. I did not know the teacher but I did know the dance studio beforehand, and especially I remembered that years ago  they used to keep a box full of free candies.

The box was still there.


One Response to “Gender imbalance, a theory”

  1. miss tango said

    hehehehe…I see you have a photo of Miguel Angel Pla, when he was teaching in Nanaimo, BC of all places.

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