Rank Xerox

2007, October 26

When there is a performance my mind usually wanders along the lines of “I wish I could do it” or “I wish I could do it that well” or “nice underpants”.

However when I saw Pablo Villaraza and Dana Fregoli performing at Sitges, the only thought who came was “Chicho and Eugenia should get royalties”.
It’s like lab rats, there are the ones who swim to reach the food at the other side
of the glass cage and the ones who just do nothing and rob the swimmers when they come back.


5 Responses to “Rank Xerox”

  1. patadura said

    Hi there ! Glad you’re back on bloging.

    Actually, when I watch Pablo and Dana, I don’t really think, I just watch Dana 😉

  2. koolricky said

    Pablo and Dana are just the best. You can hardly get near as good as that. Chicho is a good performer but a terrible teacher. I guess you can use the fingers of your hand to count as many classes he has done without being hungover…

  3. koolricky said

    Just to develop a little bit further. Chicho was one of the beginners of Neo Tango as there were other people. Obviously, Dana and Pablo are part of that current. Saying that Pablo and Dana are an imitation of Chicho is not unfair. Is ignorance.

  4. tangobeginner said

    Sorry dude but my statement stands. They embarked the train. Try to “develop a little further” by showing me something they created. You can’t. Aha.

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