Tango: my life as a not so good leader -the sequel-

Cross reference (a.k.a damn salseras)


Browsing the tango section in a otherwise Salsa forum I found this old post by someone I know, a follower who within a year or two switched from salsa to tango.

“September 2006 – 10:18 Your salsa shoes will be just fine. And wear them as soon as you arrive because the leaders look at women shoes before inviting them…

Later you’ll find real tango shoes with higher heels (8 to 12 cm) but many followers use mere 4 to 6 cm shoes.”

This words rang a bell somehow, though it was not precise yet. “Yes”, I thought, “we leaders we fall too often in this cheap trap”. And reading further on I found another post by the same lady:

“When a leader sees a woman with dance shoes he thinks she’s a dancer.
Just ask S… who has yet to learn the tango. She once came and see us at a milonga, wearing her salsa shoes as I had told her, and it worked, she got invited. When I met the guy afterwards he told me ‘Ok smart girl, your friend with the pretty shoes, she’s a salsera uh?’.

I could not stop laughing.”

And only here did I realize why it sounded so familiar. Here

is my own side of the story. Damn salseras and their high heels, trapping the naive, unsuspecting leaders…