2008, January 17

The process took less than one second. I mentioned the impending trip to Bs-As to my thursday partner and before I finished my sentence I could see sparkles in her eyes. Also she had grabbed my hands .

“Hey! You know what? I’ll give you the money and you’ll buy shoes for me. I’ll look at all the models on the internet and I’ll let you know next week.”

Damn, trapped. Was too slow. With the next partner I was more alert. mentioned Bs-As, saw the sparkles in her eyes…

No, no, no I won’t buy you shoes if that was your idea.


Tag game

2008, January 9

As it happened I was harpooned. It’s all explained here

So here goes my contribution.

1. All my tango shoes are too large for me.

2. I like the posts by Pichi de Buenos-Aires

3. When in a hotel in Bs-As, there are always 50 TV channels but the tango one never works.

4. Same goes for the 2×4 tango radio (92.7), I can never catch it with an actual radio.

5. I did not read the Da Vinci code.

6. Among the 23 teachers who will be at the CITA 2008 there are 5 with whom I never took any class.

7. I usually grow a beard in Winter.

Now for my seven victims.

obscure tango
tango DJ
tango nero
moje tango

Aha, seven dead links, or dust bunnies at best, no need (and no way) to let them know that they’ve been tagged.


2008, January 8

Our teachers are finalizing the 2008 trip to Buenos-Aires. 15 days, 12 (group) classes, 11 nights in various milongas, one day with the gauchos, one mini-trip to Uruguay. I won’t go, non bis in idem as they say.

But last year only one of the two teachers had come with us, the other one remaining here to give the classes. This year both of them will go, there won’t be classes for two weeks. I’m already feeling abandoned.

yet another partner

2008, January 7

This was her ad:

“Seeking a tall and dynamic male partner!
Woman, 31, 173, 2 years of tango, ten years of ballet and modern-jazz, perfect movements, highly mobile, sensitive, musicality, elegance. Seeking one or more partners to attend the classes by teacher X… on Tuesdays and possibly for practicas, milongas, workshops. Motivated to improve! See you soon!”

Apart from being a male I was not exactly matching the required profile. 15 years too old, 15 cm too short. As for being dynamic… well my opinion is that in A.T the woman is doing the dancing while the leader hardly moves at all.

Still I wanted to take classes with this X teacher. So I posted my own ad.

“Seeking a follower for teacher X’s classes on Tuesdays.”

No need to mention my age, weight, heigth or skills of course. One week later there was a message for me: “Did you find a partner?”. Now all my deficiencies were irrelevant because she was the one who was answering an ad.

That’s how we’ll have our first class with teacher X tomorrow. I’m not sure that we’ll do just fine though. After we met in a practica Friday, I felt that there was more truth in my ad than in hers. She does not look like a ballet dancer, not even like a dancer by the way. Her body is not a silent invitation to dance. More likely you’ll imagine her patiently queueing for hours in front of the mall. She only danced with me at the practica, so I did not see her dancing and can’t tell whether she has some elegance or not. But her movements were far from perfect, she wasn’t that easy to move and her musicality was nil as far as I can judge; she merely followed without adding any musical embellishment. Let’s hope she’s motivated to improve.