yet another partner

2008, January 7

This was her ad:

“Seeking a tall and dynamic male partner!
Woman, 31, 173, 2 years of tango, ten years of ballet and modern-jazz, perfect movements, highly mobile, sensitive, musicality, elegance. Seeking one or more partners to attend the classes by teacher X… on Tuesdays and possibly for practicas, milongas, workshops. Motivated to improve! See you soon!”

Apart from being a male I was not exactly matching the required profile. 15 years too old, 15 cm too short. As for being dynamic… well my opinion is that in A.T the woman is doing the dancing while the leader hardly moves at all.

Still I wanted to take classes with this X teacher. So I posted my own ad.

“Seeking a follower for teacher X’s classes on Tuesdays.”

No need to mention my age, weight, heigth or skills of course. One week later there was a message for me: “Did you find a partner?”. Now all my deficiencies were irrelevant because she was the one who was answering an ad.

That’s how we’ll have our first class with teacher X tomorrow. I’m not sure that we’ll do just fine though. After we met in a practica Friday, I felt that there was more truth in my ad than in hers. She does not look like a ballet dancer, not even like a dancer by the way. Her body is not a silent invitation to dance. More likely you’ll imagine her patiently queueing for hours in front of the mall. She only danced with me at the practica, so I did not see her dancing and can’t tell whether she has some elegance or not. But her movements were far from perfect, she wasn’t that easy to move and her musicality was nil as far as I can judge; she merely followed without adding any musical embellishment. Let’s hope she’s motivated to improve.


4 Responses to “yet another partner”

  1. TP said


    Didn’t she post a picture on her profile? I am always skeptical about the former ballet dancers.

  2. Milonguita said

    And what about the lesson with teacher X? Did you enjoy it?

  3. patadura said

    Problem is classical dancing starts usually very, very young… I know a lot of ladies who took classic ballet between 6 and 16, when your reach 31 your ten year dancing (sihouette) could be really far.

    Reciproque could be true, I had 8 years of classical guitar in the conservatoire between 6 and 13… Currently I cannot not play nor read a single note.
    Imagine the add “Man 8 year of classical guitar with corresponding musicality”… May be I should try 😉

  4. Jenny said

    Well, the statement about having years of ballet training should not be interpreted as a statement about one’s figure. Many, many people study ballet but extremely few of them actually possess a professional ballerina’s super-thin, willowy body type. According to your post the lady said “”woman, 31, 173”. I would take that to mean 173 pounds is her weight, so that seems pretty honest to me.

    Anyway, even if the ballet studies were years ago, the muscle memory should remain. If someone tells me they studied ballet for years, what that means to is that they should have some degree of muscle control, good line, balance and posture. Of course it’s possible to get out of condition, but the basic qualities should be there and can be brought back with more practice.

    In sum, I think you sound overly harsh on this lady, as if you were expecting a professional ballerina to show up. Sure, she exaggerated her ad a bit, and she shouldn’t have bragged about having “perfect movements” but given her background and her “motivation to improve”, she should get better, I would think. p.s. as far as “dynamic leader” I guess she means someone exciting and energetic?

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