Tango: my life as a not so good leader -the sequel-

Tag game


As it happened I was harpooned. It’s all explained here

So here goes my contribution.

1. All my tango shoes are too large for me.

2. I like the posts by Pichi de Buenos-Aires

3. When in a hotel in Bs-As, there are always 50 TV channels but the tango one never works.

4. Same goes for the 2×4 tango radio (92.7), I can never catch it with an actual radio.

5. I did not read the Da Vinci code.

6. Among the 23 teachers who will be at the CITA 2008 there are 5 with whom I never took any class.

7. I usually grow a beard in Winter.

Now for my seven victims.

obscure tango
tango DJ
tango nero
moje tango

Aha, seven dead links, or dust bunnies at best, no need (and no way) to let them know that they’ve been tagged.