Supervielle bank …not so super

2008, February 14

“Your bank must be the only place in the whole town where the original passport is needed to buy pesos, everywhere else a Rank Xerox copy is enough. You should write it at the door very clearly. Are you aware that because of you I lost time?”

Yes, I said that *after* the clerk had given me back my passport (and my pesos).  And no, I did not lose that much time to come back with my  passport as the bank is a two-minute walk from my room.

Of course, when the clerk starts by asking you “Is it your first visit in this bank?” you know that neither efficiency nor quickness is their motto. With the hundreds of places to change money and the millions of tourists, what could be the chances of my coming here for a second time?

And now after this first “visit”, the chances of a second one are nil.


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