Tango: my life as a not so good leader -the sequel-

Tales of the crypt (horror stories by BsAs taxis)


Here it goes:
Tourists should never go to Pompeya. This barrio is cursed, all the area is infested by Peruvians. If you meet them in the day they will rob you, if you meet them in the night they will kill you, suck your blood, make tango shoes with your skin and turn you into a brainless zombie.

Tourists walking in Pompeya aren’t really tourists. They are zombified baits trying to lure the taxis. If one unsuspecting driver stops then he’ll be surrounded by Peruvians and eaten alive.

Pagan beliefs. But the side effect is, when in Pompeya abandon any hope of catching a cab, walk and walk until you reach Boedo, Parque Patricios or any non-cursed barrio.