Telling me something

2008, April 23

Just received that from dancepartner #1
… and for tomorrow Tuesday 22th sorry but again I won’t attend I have an “otro compriso”…kisses.

This can happen. Same goes for her ankle injury after X-mas, and her mother visiting her, and her trip in Italy, and other things she did that happened to take place on Tuesdays, the day when we have our weekly class. Or is she trying to tell me something?

Also, Dancepartner substitute #1, the former ballet dancer, cancelled our partnership after a mere two months because of a change in her work schedule. Fine with that, except last week I saw her at the class, with another leader. Did her schedule change again, or was she trying to tell me something?

And sooner this month I got that message from dancepartner #2 after I asked her for a workshop given by a touring Maestro from BsAs:
Sorry I’m leaving on 17th to give a lecture, back on 20th. Available tonight though, in case your Tuesday partner is off. ~M
Surely it was coincidental if she was gone precisely from 17th to 20th, when the 17th was our regular Thursday class and 20th was the workshop.
Yet when I replied that my Tuesday partner was actually off, I got this second mail:
“I can’t. See you Thursday 24th”
Trying to tell me something?

Now for dancepartner #3, the Wednesday one.
Howya? Fine, hopefully. Here? Just crazy work-aholic, left the office at 21:30, home at 22:00, I fear it will be just the same today, can’t stand it. Would you mind skipping our class?. I pray it will better next week, I’ll let you know.

Well there can be overloads when you work in a bank. And sure, when she took all these Italian language classes in January-February/March, the only available day was Wednesday, I remember how sorry she was about that. Certainly not trying to tell me something. Or was she?

Possibly I got a clue last Saturday. Entering a milonga I saw a group of classmates and took a seat at their table. They all stood up when the tanda started and I remained with a blond pupil. For one minute we watched them dancing.
“They’re getting good”, I said.
“You know”, she answered, “We’re all becoming better and better. You’re really the only one whose tango remains unchanged throughout the years. Exactly the same. Classes just don’t have any effect on you.”

6 Responses to “Telling me something”

  1. tangobeginner said

    Wow, four classes in a row this morning, by the Tuesday partner.

    “Hi, see, I will have to suspend the tango classes for 4 weeks for I must have a lipoma removed from the upright shoulder blade and any sport and dance is forbidden for 4 weeks minimum. Clinic Tuesday, surgery Wednesday… see… therefore you’re postponed to Tuesday May 27th at best.. I’ll let you know. Till then, well, take care, have fun, etc etc! … Kisses,”

  2. patadura said

    Did you promise them a lifted back piernazo ?

  3. Any suggestions on where to take tango lessons in BA?

  4. tangobeginner said

    Where to take tango lessons in BA? It’s like asking where to find a skyscraper in Manhattan.

    There are plenty of them and it’s mainly a matter of taste.
    If you’re young: TangoBrujo ( or DNI (
    If you’re old: EAT (

  5. Janis said

    I suggest you hide out for about six months listening to tango and finding the tango within you. Practice alone and don’t dance with anyone except yourself. Then go to your local milonga and refuse to dance with all the women who previously turned you down. Let them observe you dancing with an unknown visitor and let them drool.

    If you’re recommending Tango Brujo and DNI, that could be part of the problem. It’s all about memorizing steps rather than dancing tango. Escuela Argentino de Tango at the Borges Center is about steps and socializing with foreigners. The teachers don’t go to the milongas, so how is that going to help anyone become a social dancer. Isn’t that the point of lessons? Would you take swimming lessons from a teacher who never got into the pool?

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