Tango: my life as a not so good leader -the sequel-

It’s always the leader’s fault



…but sometimes he gets some help.
So here I was last month, walking and walking along the edge of a dance-floor during the first exercize of a series of workshops given by local teachers and with a local partner, pretty, half my age (and she wants to become a model). Sounds fine, except I was not local at all, I had come especially in this sea-shore resort for the tango workshop, and everything was unfamiliar.

Soon the female teacher came to me.

-) You’re using the V-shape abrazo, aren’t you?  [Later she made a loud announcement, girls, see this guy, he’s learned another abrazo, correct him if you lose the chest contact.]

-) Yep

-) Ok. Here we’re using the true, authentic, BsAs abrazo with chest contact. It gives a better connection, the lady feels everything you do. Your abrazo is valid too, but try ours, take it as an exercize.

-) Yep.

I said Yep but I thought “Ok these people don’t know that their abrazo is in fact the antithesis of a connection, nailing the lady by the tits to my chest is just denying all her abilities to follow me. And more important, now that I have to use their abrazo I have lost any peripheral vision of my partner’s charming little feet, and she’s not used to me, we’re not sync yet, she has not decided whether she follows the beat or she follows me. I certainly don’t want to step on her toes, let’s be extra careful.”

Then the male teacher came to me.

-) you learned the walk with the projection-of-the-leg, toe-first, right?

-) Yep

-) Stop it and land directly with all your weight, heel first. don’t do this preparatory move of the feet without the weight.

-) Yep

I said Yep but I thought “Hopefully they will end this exercize soon because now my follower’s feet are in serious trouble. I can feel her weight but I have no way to know where her free foot is, if she collects a bit too late then I may land with my heel and all my weight.”

Then the female teacher came again, but talked to my little sweet partner.

-) You’re collecting too quickly. Forget it, just think about the leg which is stepping. It’s not fluid if you hurry to collect.

-) Understood.

I thought “Nothing can save her now.”

The impact took place 30 seconds later.