Sitges forecast

2008, July 7


No, not the weather. The forecast is about the general level. It’s the last week to register and the site of the festival displays the classes that are full: beginners course, four classes, none is full ! medium level, 14 classes and 3 are full, medium-advanced level 15 full classes out of 21, advanced level 18 classes, 8 of them are full.

From this we can estimate the average level of people attending the 2008 edition of the Sitges tango festival:

Beginners 0%

medium 11%

medium-advanced 58%

advanced 31%

Impressive, isn’t it? That’s a very promising festival, with almost 90% of somehow advanced pupils. The not-advanced ones will have a difficult time. Maybe I should launch a club or something. The Clumsies. The not-so-goods. The ten percents. The so-so leaders.





3 Responses to “Sitges forecast”

  1. dekay said

    Too bad there are always too many people in classes that are too advanced for their level. Annoying for all others in that class as well.

    My best advice: chose classes that you think you just graduated out from. This way you will definietly learn more and also enjoy the class.

    And remember basic technique is much more important than any sequence/step.

  2. tangobeginner said

    I had signed for nine classes. Not counting the two ones where I just sat in a corner and watched, because there was a shortage of followers, out of my six partners one was advanced, two intermediate-advanced, two were intermediate and one, well, even the teacher (the 187-lb Adrian Veredice) was unable to lead her.

    So, not 90% after all.

  3. Janis said

    Festivals are missing the biggest market–novice beginners. They want to learn, but they are the most difficult to teach. Festivals are becoming social weekends for tango junkies who want to meet new dancers and have fun. The organizers make money and the dancers leave with fond memories and forgotten steps.

    Everyone dances at their own level. Teachers can only teach what they know. Who can set a level for classes before evaluating the dancers?
    Years of experience can’t establish a level of dancing.

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