2008, August 7

– Sorry for missing the rendez-vous, she said on the phone, I walked for almost an hour and could not find the street you said. I hope you found a partner.

– There is another dance class next Friday, I replied, look at a map this time, it’s really not far from the subway… Oh my, you’re coughing.

– It’s your fault, you made me walk under the rain in November. Ok, see you next week.

Four days later she left a message on my answering machine. The last time that I heard her voice.

– It’s V. here. Errr it was not a cold, I saw a doctor, it’s pneumonia, I’m entering the hospital tomorrow.

But then It happened maybe ten years ago, one time is nothing, it does not count.

This week I got a mail from another former dance partner. Spine is ruined again, sciatic nerve pinched somewhere, can’t feel my foot, won’t be dancing for…

And another today. China girl. We attended classes for a while, three years ago. Boy, was she beautiful. Not a paragon of technique, though. I was in Shangai and I had an accident. My eyes and part of my cheeks were burnt. Now I’m having a hard time. The next surgery is in four months. Til then, will you go out with me in milongas a couple of times? My face is not frightening.

On the teachers front the news are hardly brighter. Lorena of course. Also my BsAs taxi-dancer’s flat was flooded. Sorry to cancel our last practise, I have to stay here in the dark, dunno for how long, waiting for a plumber.

And the local teacher with whom I booked some privates in July phoned me yesterday: Maybe you’re wondering why I was not at the studio. I was just sacked by R. [the studio’s owner, and her former boyfriend as well ] after we had an argument.

– Sorry about that. He did not mention that, he just said you were not here this month and I took the private with him instead. He was assisted by a girl whom I had never seen before. Carol is her name I think.

– Carol? Oooooh the son of a b…! Thin, tall, brunette, large breasts, 25 give or take?

– Errrr… can’t remember but the breasts, yes, large. Yes.

– Ok gimme your mail I’m faxing you a picture of her. Go back tomorrow and tell me.

Well well well… One more month of holidays, and then begins yet another season of tango classes. New teachers. New partners.

A volunteer? Anyone?

Separate ways

2008, August 5

“Hola Queridos Amigos :
Para los que no lo saben aun , queria avisarles que a pesar del carinio y respeto mutuo que sentimos con Osvaldo hemos decidido separarnos.

Hey! How will I do next time? With whom will I book privates?

It had quickly become a very recurrent process: I went to their studio, they were both there waiting for me, plus the assistant and the little dog. Osvaldo worked out something and danced it with Lorena, then with the assistant while Lorena explained me the concept. Then I failed two or three times, Osvaldo danced once again with the assistant to be sure it wasn’t her fault (it was mine all the time) while Lorena tried with me, hoping to understand how I could get wrong with such basic stuff. Then the three of them discussed the matter, the dog growled at me and finally Osvaldo found something even simpler.

As pedantic people say, death is the beginning of a journey to immortality. Well then, as a couple they were famous, now they will become legendary.