The mailman hates me

2008, October 21

Last week I found in my mailbox an envelope containing a refund check for tango shoes that I ordered (very) long ago and waited for months until the vendor admitted that he was unable to deliver them because he never had them in the first place. I almost sued him because it took eight months before my money finally came back. I thought he was intending to keep my 200 bucks forever. But actually it’s the mailman’s fault. The letter with the check was sent on March, and needed seven months to walk 300 miles. Shortage of fresh horses in the Pony-express stations, I suppose.

And yesterday in the box there was a voucher, 15% discount on any tango class, group or private. The studio is not that far from my place, maybe three miles, but the mailman needed twenty days to walk the distance, and the voucher’s deadline was missed by two days. No discount for me.

On the other hand the non-tango-related mail, the bills, the commercials… come in unaffected.


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