My turn.
But it’s not my fault, they asked me to do it. And it’s only for a couple of classes. Substitute for the beginner class. And not exactly the teacher’s subtitute. One year ago the teacher asked a pupil to take care of the class, and I’ll be replacing this new guy.  So I’m merely a substitute’s substitute.I tried to save my skin by explaining that I was certainly not up to the task – if only for my inability to grasp concepts such as Ipod, playlist, sound system’s remote control – but it failed. “At the end of the day you can just bring CDs”, they replied.

Ok, then.

No idea what to teach them. I know they’ve learned the 8CB, I once saw the end of the class, they were shifting weight and then counting up to eight. What comes after the 8CB?  Ochos, that’s what I  learned after the basics when I was a newcomer.  But I can’t teach them ochos, that’s too much responsibility, ochos are the backbone of A.T’s vocabulary, if I fail then all their tango life is ruined. Ok I’ll show them variations on the 8CB’s theme. Not that I know many of them. Hey what if they’re better than me? Maybe I’ll bring some music they’re unfamiliar with, searching for the beat will keep them busy. Oh and warm-up tangos. Warm-ups are the teacher’s best friend. Changing the shoes, dancing the warm-up(s), and twenty minutes are gone already.  Also I’ll have to find a trick to skip the summary at the end when they’re all filming with their cells.

Or maybe I should not worry too much. Hey, sort of all the lads who started when I started are teachers now. Last month I discovered yet another one. I saw him lecturing his partner on the dance floor.  “I can see you’ve become a teacher, congrats!”. I thought I was teasing him for talking while dancing, but my joke backfired: “Great, you noticed my website… Yes, twice a week now plus a few privates, all the levels, feel free to join in but pm me first.”