What I will show them is still obscure but at least the playlist is ready. 70% comes from my “Di Sarli instrumental, 20 temas” CD. It was a very easy choice. Di Sarli helped me immensely when I started. All my teachers were using his pieces in their beginner classes and for me it was a big incentive to reach the intermediate level. Years later I’m still hating his music. And not only because it’s associated with beginnerhood. It does have intrinsic qualities of monotony, predictability, sameness. Poor pupils.

A la gran muneca
Al compas del corazon
Champagne tango
Comme il faut
Don Juan
El amanecer
El cabure
El ingeniero
El once
El once (Firpo)
Ojos negros
Ojos negros (Firpo)
Organito de la tarde
Rodriguez Pena
Vida mia (Fresedo)
Asi se baila el tango (Tanturi)

Not 100% Di Sarli, because it’s a drop-in class. Some people might come for their first time, if all they hear is Di Sarli then we will never see them again.

And the last piece is for the recap at the end of the class. Showing them how it’s done. Muhahaha. With me as a teacher it will be better for their tango if they do the opposite of what they see.