Too many classes kill the classes

2009, March 13

Catch as catch can is possibly not  a good motto in BsAs. Sure it’s cheap and three group classes and two privates in one day yesterday did almost no damage to my wallet. But despite a good night of sleep (a.k.a no milonga) my stamina level is not too high this morning. On the agenda today,  another two privates, two group, and who knows, maybe one milonga.

And now a scoop: classes here are not always a fake for tourists. I did find one where everybody is a local and where, unlike at  EAT (not a well-thought acronym for a tango school if you ask me) or DNI, the teachers did not even ask whether anyone was needing a translation.


3 Responses to “Too many classes kill the classes”

  1. Long time no read. Good to see you back..Don’t let them kill you:-)

  2. cherie said

    Welcome to Buenos Aires!

    But as we say to prospective students who want a tango immersion in as little time as possible, tango takes time! Two privates, two group classes in one day? That is way too much information!

    If the style is complementary, one private and one group class plus a milonga is really the maximum. The rest of the time is better served practicing in your room, listening to music, thinking about tango, and watching.

    If the styles are not complementary, you are spinning your wheels and also possibly making things worse. IMHO.

    But whatever you do here, enjoy!

    And if you’re free and have the “ganas,” please come to the Milonga de los Consagrados tomorrow (Saturday) and say hi. Just ask for our table.


  3. tangobeginner said

    Wow, los Consagrados.
    Noooooo, it sounds too impressive to me, I bet you have to be good to go there. Now if you have a milonga named los Principiantos…

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