I screw up

2009, March 21

After attending various classes of various levels in various schools I was beginning to think that maybe after all my tango was nearly acceptable.

That was until the Variaciones coreograficas para escenario class . And I certainly can’t put the blame on my partner, she’s been lurking in there for years and this school is like a second house for her. All went well at the beginning, the girls doing pole-dance moves with their leg and we leaders doing nothing special, just standing there like (slightly improved) poles.  But then came the guy’s part.  In three beats we were supposed to complete a sacada, an enrosque, a gancho, a jump, a boleo, another boleo, and another sacada. All this while leading three giro steps to the lady.  Nothing special here really, hundreds of argentines do this every night in tango shows in front of thousands of tourists like me.  But, needless to say, I screw up.

From then on things worsened with every added element, the lift looked at best like a saltito and the colgada al reves remained a theoretical concept.

Well, a big thump on the ego, that’s what you need from time to time.


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