2009, March 24

The Dandi milonga’s hostess added a chair for me around a table where a gentleman was already seated. He was from New-York, and the second thing he told me was:

“It will be very hard for you to get invites here.”

Because we are so badly placed cabeceo-wise, I thought. Against the wall again. But no. It was going to be difficult for me because of him. As Jupiter intercepts the asteroids that otherwise may hit the Earth, he intercepted all the women´s glances coming from the other tables. When sitting he kept making some wind with a large fan, hiding me in the process. When no glance was coming then he stood up (right in front of me, just in case) and when it was not enough then he walked to some lady and nodded.  During the tandas he  lectured me about the ancient art of the cabeceo.

Stupid me, I used to think that the idea of the cabeceo was to make the invites unnoticeable to anyone around. How wrong I was. When this gentleman stands up, his point is precisely to get noticed. And when he puts himself right in front of a lady and nods, he does not give her  much choice, she has to nod back and dance, period.


2 Responses to “Jupiter”

  1. n a n c y said

    So now you know what it feels like when a woman intercepts a cabeceo meant for another and the man is unsettled, so he dances with the interceptor instead of the woman he had asked. That tells the woman of his choice that she is really second choice. And as long as the guys let those women get away with it, they will continue to do it. I finally told one Miami woman that if she ever did it again, she would be leaving without her hair. In BsAS, the men do not acknowledge the woman who jumped up, but keep their eyes fixed on the one for whom the cabeceo was intended until she rises for the dance.

  2. patadura said

    It’s a long way form Jupiter to Venus, isn’t it 😉

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