Dating a partner

2009, April 24

Bad idea, usually. But here she is the partner and I am the date. Up to now it never lasted long between her and a guy, and it’s the same for me with partners, I can’t keep them, each year I bar three names on my list and I add as many new ones. As a follower she’s more or less ok, certainly not advanced but light, thin, ten years younger than myself (then, who isn’t) and working on her technique. She even made her first trip to BsAs this year.

Tonight she wants to dance, and has e-mailed me the milonga’s name. I know this place. It’s not a large square room with mall-like ceiling lights like in many milongas here. It used to be a movie theater. One half of the red velvet armchairs have not been removed. And apart from the emergency exit signs there isn’t much light.



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