economic crisis (side effect of…)

2009, May 19

“Please close the door”, my boss asked.

I won’t pretend that I was feeling comfortable here. Was he going to lower his salary expenses by one unit ?

“Have a seat. As you know we’re having a hard time at the moment, there is simply no work and we can’t keep people here doing nothing…”

Uh oh.

“… and that’s why I wanted to see you. Why not taking a three-month or four-month holiday? Until September, when the situation improves. Hopefully.”

But we have an annual amount of vacation days and when it’s over, it’s over. I spent everything already, I replied, I was in Buenos-Aires on March.

“I know. Tango, isn’t it?”. He remained silent, considering the pictures of his boy and girl on his desk. Then he woke up. “How about unpaid vacations? No limits here.”

But all my savings are gone in my March trip. My salary being what it is, I never have much savings anyway…

“I know what your salary is. How about paid unpaid vacations then? Go. See you in September”.

And I spent the rest of the day googling for airplanes, accomodations, and tango classes. During my previous trip I did not bother sending him one postcard from BsAs. I think I will, this time.


5 Responses to “economic crisis (side effect of…)”

  1. patadura said

    trop dur ! Ecoeurant…

    For a while I even wonder about calling your boss for a consulting opportunity, just kidding

    Enjoy !

  2. jantango said

    Smart move. Once you get to BA, you can hunt for a cheap pension, like the one where Tete lives, rather than an expensive “tourist” apartment. Live like a local, take the bus and subte, eat at home, and go to practicas until you get yourself ready for the milonga experience.

    I have a tango friend who was laid off from her job. She is planning her next return because she can’t wait until October.

  3. tangobeginner said

    Too late for cheap pensions, I’ve booked a tourist trap already. As for practicas, not sure, I’ve heared about the 8, the 10, the cool, the X, they’re just as impressive as the regular milongas.

  4. jantango said

    Then you aren’t as poor as you make it sound without a job. It’s a blessing in disguise to lose a job and have to live three months in BsAs. You are easily impressed. El Indio just opened a practica in Palermo. At least you won’t have to use the cabeceo. That’s a relief.

  5. tangobeginner said

    I’m not without a job, it’s a vacation. But still, I’ll be living three months with the amount usually spent in three weeks. Which means, group classes instead of privates and walks instead of taxis. Or the Subte. But not for El Indio’s practise at Niceto Vega 5248 because if from there I want to reach the nearest Subte station then I have to leave just when the practise starts, at 22h.

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