Tango: my life as a not so good leader -the sequel-

Negative price


Who said there was inflation in Buenos Aires? Two days ago I noticed a sign at the entrance of La Ideal:

coffee (or tea) with milk plus three medialunas, eight pesos.

I did not enter because of the offer, neither was I intending to dance.  I had brought a book about Gardel’s birth and wanted to read it in a tango atmosphere. Also, the entrance of the milonga was free.

One tea and three medialunas please.  The waiter came back quickly, and in a bilingual attempt he said:

Once. Eleven.

Eleven pesos. Not the eight that I had already prepared. My mistake. I figured that without milk the price would be the same. But in fact it was more expensive.

With the math you can’t argue. The only conclusion is that milk in BsAs has a negative value. Next time you go at La Ideal, order just a glass of milk, the waiter will bring it to you for free, and he will even give you three pesos.