Tango: my life as a not so good leader -the sequel-

La Catedral quizz



“You have to go to the milongas, it is part of the game”, the teacher said to the group after the class.  Why not La Catedral then? Well, now I know why not.

A. At La Catedral the signs “no photo” or “no video” or “no fumar” mean

1. that you cannot film, smoke…

2. nothing, they are here for decorative purposes only.


B. Beer can be found

1. in large bottles

2. in various brands

3. spilled all over the dance floor


C. I disliked the way people were dancing because

1. They were not on the beat

2. They were trying moves beyond their capacities

3. Even simple moves were beyond their capacities

4. They danced as if alone on the floor.


D. Compared to La viruta, la Catedral is (entrance plus guardaropa)

1. cheaper

2. more expensive


E. During a tanda one tall and drunk guy with geek glasses started an extravagant dance, hybrid between (bad) jive and (bad) polka, kicking all around and using one half of the dance floor. What happened next?

1. An old milonguero killed him with a knife.

2. Four leaders joined their efforts to corral him.

3. The host went and spoke to him.

4. Nothing happened and he continued his kicking until he finally got tired.