JK knows best

2009, June 25

The milonguera-formerly-known-as-Pichi stated in a comment that the Wednesday practica a cargo de El Indio in Palermo would be just fine for me. And a statement by JK is something that you may disagree with, or even criticize, but certainly not ignore.  So, despite my flu (hopefully the regular one), yesterday I walked my way to Palermo Soho (29 cuadras). After the huge disappointment with La Catedral my expectations were not too high and I did not even rehearse beforehand any sequence to practise.

Stupid me. The place is perfect to practise. First it is a normal place with normal tables and chairs, not the collapsing variety of La Catedral. There is heating too. Too much of it maybe. Same for the volume of the music. Much, much too powerful. Next time I will come with ear plugs.  The not-too-high entrance fee is a plus too, though I was irritated to see two teachers “paying” with just a hola and a smile, while I had to use a banknote. Also at this TangoLab practica I could watch a species that I thought was extinct,  the lone ladies.  I invited the nearest one for the last piece of a tanda, to check the floor, which when touching it with my hand seemed very slippery. But it wasn’t. I was concerned because almost all the leaders were wearing sport shoes instead of tango ones, and sometimes it does not mean that they are emulating the Chicho, sometimes it is really because of the floor.

A demo was announced but with the 29 cuadras  to walk back home I left without waiting for it. Sorin was here too, if the demo was worth  mentioning then he will, well, mention it in his blog.


2 Responses to “JK knows best”

  1. jantango said

    I suppose I could tell you to attend the practica on Caminito in La Boca on Monday night at 11:00, and you would go and then write it had a poor attendance.

    You really should learn the bus system for getting around. We feel sorry for you having to walk home on cold nights. I’ll take up a collection among bloggers for you.

    You should try the “hola” entrada with a smile and see where it gets you. It will save you pesos that you could use for buses.

    There is one reason for all the “lone ladies” at the practica: El Indio. They wait for the moment to dance with him.

  2. tangobeginner said

    Hmmm, La Boca, this is where they kill the tourists, aren’t they?
    I may be a bad leader but not so bad that I have to be removed 😦

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