Tango: my life as a not so good leader -the sequel-



Argentine or not, not all the girls who attend the DNI practise are good. Or maybe there is just one who is not good. The one who invited me. Anticipating the lead, not much balance nor axis. Heavy, and heavier because of her inability to remain on her axis. I suffered silently for one tanda of vals. At the beginning of each song we were chatting a little bit. 

“There was an advanced class before this practise , did you attend it?” she asked. 


“And did you practise the sequence or any part of it while dancing with me?”


Oops. Answer wrong. Follower understands sequence too hard for her. Follower angry. Find something quick, wise guy. I browsed my mental collection of sequences and unearthed a simple one, without any out-of-axis nor double-time, just one sacada-de-la-mujer.

No, but here it is, look…