personal best

2009, June 30

Two milongas yesterday, my personal best. Usually I would need one season to attend so many milongas. But, “Go to the milonga, that’s how you’ll get good“, they all say.

So I spent two hours at El Arranque in the afternoon, reading in the Clarin newspaper why, what and how Kirchner lost this Sunday. And later I spent one hour at Villa Malcolm’s El Motivo, eating a Milanese with french fries.

Hopefully my tango has improved a lot in the process.


6 Responses to “personal best”

  1. tangobeginner said

    By the way at El Arranque I ordered tea and two medialunas. Nine pesos.

    So now it is possible to solve the riddle: given that

    One tea plus three medialunas is eleven pesos
    One tea plus two medialunas is nine pesos

    What is the price of the tea? And of one medialuna?

  2. elizabeth said

    Well, I think sitting around reading the newspaper and eating at milongas is a perfect way to realize the real nature of tango!

  3. patadura said

    Well, did you take sugar or lemon or cream with your tea?
    And what was the age of the waiter?

  4. TP said

    Tea is three pesos, medialuna is also three pesos each. Buy three you get a peso off. It is the same here in the states. The more you buy, the more you save.

  5. n a n c y said

    Maybe I will see you at Arranque Thurs. or next week.


  6. tangobeginner said

    Oh I do not think that I will try this one again. I went because I wanted to know how it looked. Having tea and medialunas can be done at La Ideal as well, and as a place El Arranque is not as beautiful.

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