A bigger fish

2009, July 8

In the July magazine “La Milonga Argentina” I noticed a big  (half-page) ad about classes given by famous teachers at the  Zarasa escuela., managed by the also very famous Julio & Corina.

It’s not too far, I thought, less than 20 cuadras, let’s go to the 19:30 class (beginners).  Independencia 2845, here I am. Let’s enter.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going?”

“To the tango class.” (How ignorant these locals are, I thought, how can they ignore that the great Julio & Corina have a school just here?)

“There is nobody. Nobody. Julio and Corina are abroad. There is nobody here.”

“There are classes by invited masters.”

“No, no, nobody is here. You saw the ad in the tango review but this is just that – an ad. Corina might be back next week.”

“So, this ad is a lie?”

“Yes.” With a big smile, though I don’t see what is funny here.

So the list of virtual, on-paper-only classes grows by one unit.  And the guilty teachers belong to the big fish category, this time.

Thirty minutes later I was back home. I calculated that I could afford a ten-minute rest before walking now to Canning, where there was a class at 21:00. No risk of being deceived again, the Parakultural website had a special mention telling that there would be classes on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th.  My calculations were right, I arrived there exactly at 21 :00. Ah, Canning, this big cube with its famous floor. Soft music. Tables ready for the milonga at23:00 .

And no class.  45 more minutes (yes Canning is further than Zarasa) and I was at home again, trying to read a book about tango in the 80’s (the 1880’s) but I fell asleep before page #3. Too much energy gone walking the dirty pavement.

All these announced and non-existent classes. Let’s hope that this portena 2009 fashion remains in BsAs and does not spread worldwide.


5 Responses to “A bigger fish”

  1. patadura said

    Regarding the vanishing competition I think it’s the perfect time for you to open your own class and milonga in BAs… 😉

    Call your milonga “La Profiláctica”, with free hand sanitizer and courtesy swine flue mask, it will certainely attract a lot of abandoned tourists.

  2. jantango said

    Phone first.

    I guess you didn’t know that all the “big fish” swim north to Europe for summer festivals.

  3. tangocherie said

    Just remember where you are!
    There are lots of reasons it’s the Third World down here.
    Sorry about that–try to call to confirm whenever you can.

  4. tangobeginner said

    Hey, good idea!
    Seminario especial for advanced and professionnals, learn to be a beginner again. Get rid of your good habits and take bad ones. Learn my secret tips to be out of the music, to miss even the simplest leads, to have a wobbly left arm, a tense right arm and an inexistent chest.
    2 days, six hours, 150 pesos.

  5. elizabeth said

    Julio is here in Seattle, and I think Corina is back in BA to prepare for a baby arriving soon?

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