Where are the one-peso coins?

2009, August 19

Not enough to write Tangobeginner though

Not enough to write Tangobeginner though

Countless times I’ve read reports about the shortage of change here in BsAs. “Why do all the coins disappear?” “Where do they go?

For the other coins I dunno but for the one-peso species, they’re in my drawer. It’s not that I like them. On the opposite, I avoid carrying even one of them in my pocket, they’re heavy, one banknote of two pesos is lighter. Therefore,  each time I’m given one by a merchant, it then remains forever in my drawer.  

As in my previous trips here, I’m ending up with one glassful of these horrible coins. I have no use for them and they will be thrown in the dust bin.

3 Responses to “Where are the one-peso coins?”

  1. Joli said

    Take a handful and pay your next taxi ride with them. I am sure the taxista would be ever so grateful.
    Or throw them out on the street for fun, or even kinder give them to a homeless person.

  2. jantango said

    Why not go to a bus stop and exchange them for two peso bills with all the people who need them? Or better yet, sell them at a profit like the bus companies do. When you learn the bus routes, you will find out how necessary they are.

    I’ll take them off your hands at the end of your visit.

  3. tangobeginner said

    I did just that. The taxi I mean. It paid the trip to the airport.

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