1963 – 2010

2010, January 10

During my third trip in Buenos-Aires I took privates with him and Lorena, for two weeks. It did not go too well, I was so much fascinated by the quality of Osvaldo’s steps that I instantly forgot the explanations and the sequence. We were always four people in the room, the teachers, the assistant and me, I’ve never been alone with Osvaldo.

Except once. One day I hurried because I thought I was late, and rang the bell without checking my watch. As it happened I was ten minutes too early and only Osvaldo was there. Now what to do with this hopeless pupil while we’re waiting for Lorena and Fatima, he may have thought. Poor guy, these classes are a lot of stress for him, he has no gift at all, he comes alone and we’re three teachers surrounding him.

Without saying a word he put me into an armchair in front of the TV, gave me the remote control and brought a drink. This is the kind of moments that I shared with my father. He too would remain silent, having all the answers to my questions but not trying to force matters.